How to Advertise Blogs With Blogger Forums

If you are still struggling on how to advertise your own blog, a good place to get yourself start is by joining different blogger forum. Actually, people who post actively over there wants to advertise their blog as much as they can. Moreover, it is a good chance to connect with other blogger and make your own network of people, and promoting your blog much more effectively.

Here are 2 blog forums that you may want to join them and start promoting.


The first one is called “Bloggeries”, this is a website that you can register and show off your blog, review other people’s blog and get other people’s review. In addition, you can also find numerous tools to promote your own blog. In their forum you can find several sections, which are talking about how to advertising blog like blog marketing, SEO and social networking.

Authority Blogger Forum

Another place is called “Authority Blogger forum”. Similar to Bloggeries, you are allowed to advertise your blog in their forum and connect with other bloggers. It is a good place to go because other bloggers are going there for the same purpose: have their blog got noticed and attract people to come.

Make Use Of Signature Box

If you want to make some money with your own blog, you need a lot of targeted traffic and, it is necessary for you to go to certain place and show off your blog to as many people as possible.

After you join these two forums, not only can you post your own blog address and getting notice from other people, but also you can make use of your signature box to promote. You just need to go to your profile and create your signature, with a link that pointed to your blog. Then every time when you are posting a new topic or replying to somebody’s post, your signature will be attached. This is another great way to promote your own blog.

Follow Forum Rules

However please remember that, before you post to any blogger forum, it is very important to follow their rules in order not to get banned by them. By doing so you will be able to get your blog noticed and read by many visitors.

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