Advertising Jobs in Texas

With a huge population of 20,851,820 people advertising plays a major role in Texas because it is an important medium to reach out to the people! Moreover, advertising jobs also provide a means of economic independence and livelihood to many of the 7,393,354 households.

Many advertising employment opportunities are thus available in Texas for those who want to make a bright career in advertising and are good at selling and promoting products. This big state in the US that occupies 7% of the total land and water in America therefore considers advertising to be a major employer for its people.

Advertisement careers in Texas are beneficial and ensure growth and satisfaction of the employees. Advertising jobs in Texas are accessible to people with different qualifications and expertise. Advertising is very essential in today’s competitive world and so advertising work in Texas is always in full swing too.

No wonder advertising jobs in Texas recruit so many employees each year! If you have the desired abilities for these jobs and are interested in a career in Texas advertising then you too can apply and grab a job of your choice!


A number of these jobs involve sales and almost all of them prefer people with great communication skills. Employees of advertising jobs in Texas need to be efficient and must have no objections with long working hours and extensive travelling.

Not necessarily are all the jobs of a creative or managerial kind but as the companies that are recruiting are big names in the industry, all of them offer great opportunities for growth within the organization.

So, you can always start off as a Sales Representative and then get promoted or shifted to the position and stream of your choice. This vertical and horizontal mobility ensures that your work is not monotonous and you enjoy while you work!

Some of the positions require specific expertise and thus ask for degrees or certificates in the specified field. But with the many renowned institutes and courses in advertising in Texas getting trained for that perfect advertising career in Texas should not be a difficult task at all!


At the moment there are a number of advertising jobs in Texas that are in search for the perfect employee! So if you fit the job requirements and are pleased with the offered remuneration, then be quick to send in your applications.

If you are still starting off your career and have only a year’s experience with good communication skills, then try for the position of Telephone Advertising Sales Representative at AT&T Advertising Solutions where you will need to recommend and sell programs of assigned clients to new customers.

The job demands you to meet deadlines and work efficiently within time frames. It offers paid training for 8weeks and you can earn $50K a year on an average apart from commissions. You are also promised growth within the organization. The position of Graphic Designer/ Marketing Analyst is open at NCH Corporation in Dallas.

In order to apply you must have an eye for details together with great graphic designing abilities in order to develop concepts and designs to satisfy customers, you must also check layouts for materials and be a good team worker with coordination skills!

With a Degree in graphic designing and knowledge on Illustrator, Design Photoshop, QuarkXPress, etc you can apply for this post!

Apart from these there are openings in Marcoa Publishing, The Bass Group in Waco and Tabco Services in Houston for various positions and jobs related to advertising in Texas.

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